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Pin Stems

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14Y 3/4" Pin Stem  BRF1201-3 

14W 3/4" Pin Stem  BRF1201-4 

18Y 3/4" Pin Stem  BRF1201-5 

14Y 1" Pin Stem  BRF1202-3 

14W 1" Pin Stem  BRF1202-4 

18Y 1" Pin Stem  BRF1202-5 

14Y 1 1/4" Pin Stem  BRF1203-3 

14W 1 1/4" Pin Stem  BRF1203-4 

18Y 1 1/4" Pin Stem  BRF1203-5 

14Y 1 1/2" Pin Stem  BRF1204-3 

14W 1 1/2" Pin Stem  BRF1204-4 

18Y 1 1/2" Pin Stem  BRF1204-5 

NS 1 1/2" Pin Stem  BRF1204-F 

14Y 1 3/4" Pin Stem  BRF1205-3 

14W 1 3/4" Pin Stem  BRF1205-4 

18Y 1 3/4" Pin Stem  BRF1205-5 

14Y 2" Pin Stem  BRF1206-3 

14W 2" Pin Stem  BRF1206-4 

18Y 2" Pin Stem  BRF1206-5 

18W 2" Pin Stem  BRF1206-6 

NS 2" Pin Stem  BRF1206-F 

18Y 2 1/2" Pin Stem  BRF1207-5